• Jewellery Courses & Workshops @ SPUDworks

    Workshops and courses in making stacking and spinning rings, bangles, pendants and pins will be running at SPUDworks Wednesay mornings and Thursday afternoons and evenings this summer. You don’t need any experience just bring your enthusiasm! You will learn to solder, saw with a jeweller’s saw, file and finish, stamp, texture and polish copper, brass and silver. For more info and to book your place, please email:

  • Positive Path Foundation Fete

    Positive Path Foundation is holding a fundraising fete on the 1st August from 3pm to 6pm at the Sway Church Rooms & Gardens.

    Come along and have fun in the sun (hopefully!) we will have our members hosting the stalls such as a coconut shy, hook a duck, face painting, higher or lower game, cake stalls and much more.  We will have a live band, a raffle with great prizes plus a BBQ. Please come along and support a local charity so we can continue to support our members to live their lives to the max!

    Should you wish to hold a stall to sell your own products please email

    Take a look at what we offer

  • Recipe Callout

    Artist out of residence Jonathan Oldfield is working with Spud Works in Sway to put together a culinary time capsule of the area during the pandemic and is looking for your recipes.

    Fo the older members of our community Jonathan wants your recipes for anything that you've loved cooking over the years. For the younger people amongst us he'd like you to cook one of the recipes and document your experience.

    You can find more information about the project one Spud Works Out of Residence page and get involved through their facebook group.