Sway Carnival Week is a time to bring the villagers of Sway together in celebration, offering fun for all the family whilst raising money for local charities and organisations.

The Carnival Committee consists of a handful of dedicated local volunteers who commit time and energy throughout the year to create this community week. They have an emotional connection with the Carnival and work endlessly to make the week a success. They also have the support of the many local companies who sponsor events and the supporters who donate their time or gift their products. Without these loyal supporters there would be no Carnival.

Sway has a long history of organising a Carnival procession and fete, and they are a fond part of many people's childhood memories. Although Sway continues to be proud of the ongoing popularity and enjoyment of these two major events, the Carnival is now a 10 day festival. It offers entertainment for all ages during the early part of July, providing an opportunity for newcomers to be a part of this village tradition.

If you think the Carnival may be a good place to promote your business - it attracts hundreds of locals and tourists every Summer - you could sponsor an event or donate a raffle prize, to get your business included in Carnival advertising.

If you have any questions about Sway Carnival, would like to be a sponsor or would like to volunteer, please see the Contact Page for details.