Sway Carnival 2017 - A Festival of Film


Well – here we are already planning and organising the Carnival Week for 2017!
The comittee were pleased to welcome a new face this year but would really like another couple of members, both with ideas and strong muscles!!

Many people from other areas commented last year about how great it was that Sway had a full week of events prior to the procession and Fete. It is great and something we should be very proud of. However it does require a considerable amount of work and does stretch the committeeWe have agreed on the theme, and think it will have appeal across the ages : ‘A FESTIVAL OF FILM' should give everyone a lot of scope for ideas.
The procession route worked well last year - i.e. going one way from the Village Hall to the Jubilee field and we will be following that route again this year. However, following comments from various entrants for the procession, the judging will now take place once everyone is in line which should avoid some confusion in the field. This enables us to start the procession slightly earlier 
The other time change is the start of the Fete which will start at 11 thus enabling those who want to make it a morning activity to come along, and for those who want to stay longer ( we hope that will be many of you ) there will be plenty of refreshments available.
If you have any comments, or would like to find out more about being on the committee please contact our Chair – Pam on 682017

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